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1. Priority business objective
The goal of Standard-Metallwerke GmbH is to secure the existence of the company in the long trun from a market economy point of view and to build on top of that. This requires that we respond to the needs of all the company's partners and continually strive to meet those needs over the long term.
Not only our customers are our partners, but also the suppliers, the employees, the owners and beyond the society in general.

2. Process of development
The continuous improvement with the goal of zero defects and 100% delivery on-time is implemented through the use of cross-departmental and cross-hierarchy teams. For this purpose the teams are given the measurable goals derived from the business plan for implementation by the management.

3. Integrated management
Quality management is to be included in all strategic planning, programs and practices as an essential element in all areas of corporate governance, which means that quality determines not only products and processes but all our thinking and actions.

We want to win and keep satisfied customers with high-quality products and services. We deal with customer complaints and suggestions quickly and effectively. The knowledge gained from this is immediately converted into production and services.

4. Motivation of the employees
All our pursuit of high-quality defect-free products can only be achieved through satisfied and trained employees in all areas.
We want to promote our employees so that everyone can make the most of their abilities.

5. Products and Services
In the development, design and operation of machines, processes or products an alignment with the existing company goals and the requirements of customers norms and laws must always be carried out. The implementation of these activities must be carried out in project teams.

6. Suppliers
To achieve our goals, our suppliers must also be involved. The benchmark for this is the high-quality and in-time delivery of our incoming material, as well as the use of modern QM systems at our suppliers. We believe that we provide our suppliers with clear specifications and unambiguous requirements and support them in their quest for improvement in all respects.

7. Cleanliness, health, safety at work and environmental protection
In order to be prepared for the future, we plan and work in such a way that the environment is burdened as little as possible. This starts with safe, ergonomically designed workstations, goes beyond the cleanliness in the operational environment to the introduction of a holistic environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, which was certified in the fall of 1998.

8. Compliance and reporting
In order to monitor the degree of achievement of the objectives regular internal audits are required. A review of all goals is made at least once a year by the management and made available to the employees.

9. Profitability
All the above points should serve to maintain Standard-Metallwerke GmbH as an internationally competitive company that is a competent partner of our customers in terms of quality, price and reliability.

Standard-Metallwerke GmbH  - issued November 2017

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